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How to Compose an Effective Ad

The bulletin board of the Pastoral Search Network will expose your ad to thousands of interested parties a month. However, it is up to you to compose an ad that will capture the interest of those viewers.

1. Begin with a brief, descriptive caption which will appeal to the viewers you hope to reach. The following is good example: “DYNAMIC, NAZARENE PASTOR WITH 20 YRS EXPERIENCE.” Notice that with only seven words, the author has identified their denomination, vocation, experience and motivation. Another method is to use a clever or unique header. An itinerate evangelist might try something like: “HAVE BIBLE WILL TRAVEL.”

2. Just like a resume, your ad should be well written, using good grammar and correct spelling.

3. Get to the point and tell the viewer why they would want to connect with you. What is it you can do for them? Can you help their church grow? Can you pay a pastor a desirable wage?

4. How can interested parties reach you? In most cases, it's to your advantage to list every means possible... your address, phone number, and e-mail address (which must always be placed last in your text). However, if you need to remain anonymous (such as a current pastor seeking another position) and need to protect the identity of your real e-mail address, we can mask your e-mail address so that it will not display on the page, but will still allow persons to send replies to you by e-mail.

5. Be patient and seek the Lord's will. Remember, finding a pulpit or a pastor is not merely a matter of placing an ad... but receiving God's call and guidance. Some ads generate dozens of responses, while others may only receive a few. However, remember that thousands of persons will view your ad -- just have patience for God to link you with the right source. In some cases, persons have kept their ad running for a year or more until finding the right match.

Sample Ads

Below are two of our more successful ads we've hosted, which generated scores of replies. In both cases, as a result of their ad, they found the position/pastor that they were seeking. Study the ads and use them as a model for your own ideas.

SEEKING SENIOR PASTORATE -- Dynamic verse-by-verse Preacher and evangelistic Strategist seeks a medium to large congregation who wishes to grow to the next level. For 7 years served as Professor of NT at a regionally accredited Bible college; past 10 years as Senior Pastor of a SBC church. Have worked officially with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association on many projects, hosted a nationwide radio program, and authored several books. Baptistic, reformed and premillennial in theology. Hold to the full inspiration and authority of the Scriptures. Ph.D. Present salary: $60,000, plus benefits. If you are searching for a verse-by-verse Bible Expositor in the tradition of G. Campbell Morgan, Donald Grey Barnhouse, Harry Ironside, Stephen Olford, Adrian Rogers and John MacArthur, and have a heart for evangelism and world missions, I invite your serious inquiries. Please e-mail me. Posted (11-7-97)

SEEKING SENIOR PASTOR -- Bethel Christian Church, a non-denominational, full-gospel, evangelical church, is actively searching for the Senior Pastor whom God has chosen to lead us into the future. Bethel is a unique, growing, family-oriented church in an inner-city location drawing people from throughout the City of San Francisco and the Bay Region.  We are a multi- generational, multi-cultural congregation of 500+ with a strong foundation of nearly 75 years of ministry.  We recently completed construction of a 1,000 seat sanctuary, one of the largest in the City, and we are now poised to make an even greater impact upon the City and the Bay Area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our loving, motivated, and compassionate congregation needs a dynamic visionary man to lead us.  While being a strong equipper and exhorter, his gifting should also include dynamic, practical and relevant preaching and teaching.  Please send resume and cassette to: Stan Wessels, Bethel Christian Church, S earch Committee, 1325 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA  94110.  Please visit our website and/or e-mail us. (Posted 3-3-98) 

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