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River Street Baptist Church, Oneonta, NY is looking for a pastor to conduct pastoral duties. Our congregation is small, with mostly retired people who enjoy fellowship and have genuine affection for others. The pastor that the Lord sends us must know that there is work to be done and a church to grow, particularly with the youth. He must teach biblically based doctrine in his messages, as well as by his life. We provide a three-bedroom parsonage and salary. Interested candidates, please submit a resume with refences and letter of intent to: Attention: Pastor Search Committee, River Street Baptist Church, 133 River Street, Oneonta, NY 13820. Our church is an independent Baptist Church incorporated in 1922. A new constitution was accepted in January 2018. Renovations to the parsonage occurred in 2014. Oneonta, known as the City of the Hills, is located in the Central New York Leatherstocking area with a lot of history. It is a college town with two colleges, Hartwick College and SUNY College at Oneonta. It is a small city of around 14,000, with about 7,000 of these being college students when in session. The town of Oneonta has an additional 5,300 people.
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Family pastor(s) wanted in Burlington, Iowa. Experience ministering to youth and children. Heart for God is most important credential. Must hear from Holy Spirit, have vision, leadership skills, and low maintenance. Must have excellent references and track record of ministry. 25 hours a week. Package includes 2 bedroom apartment, paid utilities, healthcare for one, and a 10,000 year salary. Church is willing to work around other employment schedule. Wednesday night and Sundays are mandatory. Would work great for a couple if one worked elsewhere. Please send ministry resume, cover letter, and current picture. The pastor would love to see this grow into a full time position.
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Small town Southern Baptist Church in New York State searching for bi-vocational licensed or certified Senior Pastor. We provide a three bedroom parsonage and salary. Consideration will be given to recent graduates with solid references and preferably some ministerial background. Interested candidates please submit a resume and letter of intent to F.L. Williams, Pastor Search Chairman. You can Email at: or mail to my attention: House of Prayer SBC Church, F.L. Williams-Pastor Search Chair., P.O. Box 212, Salamanca, NY 14779
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Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Hartsburg MO, is prayerfully seeking Gods will in searching for a Bi-Vocational Pastor to lead our church. Mt. Pleasant Baptist is a small rural Southern Baptist church with an average attendance of 60 that is located between Jefferson City and Columbia, MO. Resumes can be sent by email to or by mail to the Pastor Search Committee, 21479 S. Mt Pleasant Rd, Hartsburg, MO 65039. Deadline for resumes will be August 4, 2018.
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My wife and I are looking for a place that feels like they have been forsaken and forgotten. Perhaps you feel like youre so small and despised that no one would move to where you are to help you. You dont have to be a church as men would count it. You dont have to have a parsonage for me to live in. You dont have to have money. All were looking for are people who are weary and heavy laden, people who are thirsty for the rivers of living water that Jesus spoke. Im looking for a family, a group of people, or even a small church that is tired of the superficiality of the American Christian experience. Whoever you are, whatever your size, we will come and serve you. I will deliver to you the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and the cross that comes with it. I will labor with you in the Word and doctrine. I will come and visit you in your homes and invite you to my home to break bread with me in fellowship. I will go out with you on the streets and teach you to present the Gospel. 913.207.8570
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WE ARE IN NEED OF A PASTOR-- Living By Faith Baptist Church an evangelical church, is actively searching for the Senior Pastor whom God has chosen to lead us into the future. Living By Faith Baptist Church is a unique, growing, family-oriented church located near a couple of thriving communities. We are a multi- generational, congregation with a strong foundation.We are now ready to make an even greater impact on our community With the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our loving, motivated, and compassionate congregation needs a strong Godly Pastor to lead us to the next level. While being a strong leader our Pastor must be a strong preacher, teacher and encourager. Please send resume to: Stella Veronee 326 Volunteer Lane Summerville South Carolina 29486
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Meredith Baptist Church is a small country church situated in the town of Meredith, just outside the hamlet of Meridale, NY. Our congregation is small, comprised of folks of all ages who have a genuine affection for each other and enjoy fellowship. We tend to be more conservative and traditional in our worship, biblical in our worldview, and committed to being a lampstand in our local community. Upstate NY is a mission field. The pastor God sends us must know that there is work to be done but also willing hands to help. Our new pastor will be qualified as outlined in Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Peter 5:1-4. He teaches biblical based doctrine, is the principal communicator of Gods Word in public worship, engages in pastoral care ministries and has a heart for all people. He will be a man that provides oversight for all of our ministries and leads by example. Our new Pastor will participate in the planning of services and events while equipping laypersons to grow in responsibilities and leadership while ensuring the church continues to grow and mature in Christ.
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An independent, non-denominational church is seeking a pastor. Primary Emphases are: PreacherTeacher, Thorough knowledge of the Word, Strong prayer devotional life, Works well with all ages. If interested, email Christian Tabernacle, 325 Washington Ave, Newport, KY 41071(859) 291-5067
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Conservative Pastor, a Bible College and Seminary graduate with 25 years experience, (including several years as Senior Pastor presently), seeks pastorate in the Holmes County, OH area, due to change in extended family situation. Non-charismatic, dispensational, evangelistic emphasis with strong, relevant, expository teaching and preaching skills. Holds high view of scripture as the verbally, inspired Word of God. Independent thinker, but encourages and respects the opinions of others. Promotes teamwork, personal responsibility and accountability. Engages in discipleship and leadership training. Utilizes various forms of media in communication and instruction. Enjoys the outdoors, hunting, fishing, contact sports, and weight training. Lives a Spirit controlled life in accordance with biblical exhortation, and looks expectantly for the Lord's imminent return. Please contact me ASAP if interested.
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I began my paid church ministry, in 1988, at the age of 39, when I was ordained into the ministry of the independent Christian Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Prior to that time I had been in law enforcement for 17 years. I have over 105 classroom hours of college credit toward a degree. I lean toward a more Wesleyan theology. I am a Biblically re-married man, as is my wife Robin, to whom I have been married since October of 2004. Although I am a conservative Christian, preferring traditional church services, I am not legalistic. I enjoy using modern technology, such as PowerPoint, with my preaching, when available. My wife and I prefer small to midsized town and or rural settings, but are open to God's leading as to the location, and size of the church. My wife and I can teach Bible study groups and Sunday School Classes when needed. Both of us have musical abilities. Photo, more information, and ministry history are available through email,at Thank you. Richard Craven 870-821-9162.
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Cottageville-Evans Independent Baptist Church is looking for a dedicated Spirit-led senior pastor who can lead our congregation in effective programs to fulfill the Great Commission. We are seeking a candidate with a bent for outreach and church growth, who can lead our congregation into the future. We would prefer a full time pastor but would also consider bi-vocational position for the right candidate. We believe God has blessed our small ministry with tremendous potential and we are excited to see what God has in store for our church. Cottageville-Evans Independent Baptist Church is located at 5792 Ripley Rd, Cottageville, WV 25239. Our church has been a part of the evangelical outreach, preaching and teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our community and the world for over 60 years. Our church has faithfully supported local ministries and missionaries. The church is debt free and budget has been stable and sound for many years.Our church building sits on several acres of level ground and is surrounded by rolling farmland and rural residences. Jackson County is great place to live with peaceful communities, low crime rates, a reasonable cost of living, and quality public schools.
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Small, Christ-centered, interdenominational, elder led church inDoor County, WI. seeking an experienced, full-time Senior Pastor. CommunityChurch of Fish Creek is a 101 year old church in the heart of one of theMidwest's most popular vacation destinations. We are a missions drivenchurch with over 40 percent of our revenues supporting missionaries and people in need. Primary responsibility is preaching the Word of God. Secondaryresponsibilities include assisting in pastoral care, helping to lead thedevelopment of ministries and making disciples to spread the Kingdom of theLord. Key abilities required are strong leadership abilities, goodcommunication skills, a hunger to disciple and spiritually develop people,application of both the Old and New Testaments, with a minimum of 5 yearsof vocational pastoral experience.
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PastorProphet seeking small to medium sized church to shepherd. Any church denominationor or non-denomination that believes in JESUS and the in-filling of the HOLY GHOST and that studies the KJV Bible.I am a 60 year old man full of spiritual substance and maturity. I am not an empty novice. I have been preaching the gospel and teaching The WORD Of GOD for 42 years. I have been teaching the ways of the LORD for 20 years: Jeremiah 6:16, Hosea 14:9, Zechariah 3:7 and especially II Kings 17: 25 - 28. For over half my life, I have been mentored by 5 teachers. For the past 8 years I have been sharing a church building and heading my own ministry called "Prophetic Class," operating as a son of Issachar - I Chronicles 12:32. Three years prior to that I was asst. pastor at Greater Grace Temple and president of trustee board. Five years prior, I pastored my own church in 2 locations in Columbus - Shiloh Full Gospel Church. In 1998 1999 The LORD had me pray fast 40 days 40 nights both years. HE made me HIS Prophet.
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I'm a middle-aged ordained Assemblies of God pastor, seeking the Lord's direction for our next pastoral assignment. My wife and I have pastored several successful churches, which the Lord raised up over time from smaller, struggling congregations. I'm a conservative, Christ-centered, preacher-teacher of God's Word, devoted to prayer and spirit-filled living. Both my wife and I are also musicians and worship leaders, with familiarity toward a "blended" style of worship music (combining both contemporary and conservative styles). We are Spirit-filled, well-educated, and have a strong passion for prayer, evangelism and revival. We're seeking an opportunity in Middle-Tennessee, where we currently reside. Jesus is the center of our lives, and His work is our purpose in life! If interested, email for more information.
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New Hope Assembly of God in Cornell, WI is currently seeking a pastor. Cornell has a population of approximately 1500. New Hope's weekly attendance is between 20-50. The church has recently updated the sanctuary, foyer, pastor's office, and nursery. We are located in the heart of the community and own an additional 20 acres on the outskirts of town where fall festivals, gatherings, and youth events can be held. Cornell is home to Brunet Island State Park, Old Abe Trail, and many other outdoor recreational opportunities. Cornell is surrounded by many other trails, lakes, and small communities. As pastor, you would provide spiritual leadership to members of our church and community.Pastoral requirements duties include: - Hold or be willing to obtain AG certification- Provide weekly sermons- Officiate baptisms, weddings, and funerals- Oversee management of congregational ministries- Active in the community. Include audio or video links to sermons or previous ministry work. Please email with inquiries and resumes. Job Type: Full-time
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Bi-Vocational Pastor: Freedom Missionary Baptist Church, a Southern Baptist Church, is prayfully seeking a bi-vocational pastor. Please mail your resume to: Freedom Missionary Baptist Church, 13316 State Route 142, McLeansboro, IL 62859 or email: Attn: Pastor Search Committee. Freedom Missionary Baptist Church seeks a senior pastor and shepherd that has a heart for all people and desires to lead Freedom in accomplishing great things for Christ locally, regionally and internationally. We are an active and diverse church that enjoys both contemporary and traditional worship services and strong missional focus. We are a mission minded church that supports giving to the SBC and Operation Christmas Child Ministry. Candidates with leadership experience, Baptist church ministry experience, rooted in strong biblical teaching is required. Interested candidates should submit their resume by mail or email before July 15, 2018. JOB STATUS: Bi-Vocational.
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This position is responsible for visitation and pastoral care that reflects the mission of our multi-cultural and multi-generational church of 330 active parishioners. They provide emotional spiritual support to parishioners, their loved ones, and as appropriate, to staff. They coordinate and train the various volunteer Care Teams in the church and serve as liaison between these groups, the Pastors and the staff. Job Qualifications include among others: A college degree or 3-5 years of experience in Pastoral Care. An ordained minister would be a definite plus. Familiarity and comfort with United Methodist theology, practices. Ability to connect well with staff and congregants on a personal, face-to-face basis to understand their needs and desire. Cross-cultural experience and sensitivity important. Up to 28 hours per week, 20.00 to 25.00 per hour based on qualifications. Visitation travel reimbursed at BUMC standard rate. Send cover letter, resume and references to: to attn of Chair, Pastor-Parish Relations.
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Prophet available to come to your church and, Lord willing, prophesy. I will help your congregation to understand prophecy. That is my main job. That prophesy is about love and edification. The Old Testament prophet period is over. The NT prophet works with other prophets, judging prophecy and everyone including women can prophesy today. You need to know what God has called you to do individually and corporately. Do not despise prophecy... And no, not just prophets hear from God, EVERY CHRISTIAN should, but it is an office that God created- to help people hear from God. BTW The main test of a prophet is "do they walk in love?" If you go for accuracy without character you are in trouble. (My extended bio will not fit so I will send it to those who): Email me with 1) the name of your church/and location, 2) your name and 3) your church's website. No phone calls initially but if we develop a good email relationship Lord willing I will send a brief bio.
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Fredericktowne Baptist Church, established in 1974, is an independent congregation located in Frederick County, MD, 50 miles northwest of Washington, D.C. and 45 miles west of Baltimore, MD. Frederick is the second largest city in Maryland. The congregation is made up of a broad spectrum of families, working in professions representing a cross section of the community at large. We are seeking a senior pastor to effectively shepherd a family-oriented, Bible-centered congregation of about 130 with a outstanding music ministry. The successful applicant is required to have a Bachelors degree in Religion given the position we prefer a Master of Divinity degree with several years experience in a pastorate position. In addition to providing your resume, you are requested to provide answers to the Pastoral Search Screening Questionnaire http:www.fbcfamily.orgcontentpastoral . We pray for a Godly man who exhibits a spirit filled lifestyle as stated in 1Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Peter 5:1-4 , that will shepherd our flock to spiritual maturity and encourage us to reach our community for Christ. If interested, please submit resume and responses to the screening questionnaire to
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God worked a miracle in my life when I was 17 bringing me to salvation in His Son Jesus Christ. As I studied the Word and prayed, I sensed God calling me into full-time ministry. However, God had a different plan for me. He sent me to Bible College and introduced me to young people with cognitive delays. He lead me back to college, where I would earn my teaching degree. God now has called me into full-time ministry as a pastor. I am a certified chaplain and ordained minister of the Word. After teaching students with moderate to severe cognitive delays for 31 years, I retired from public education and prepared to enter the ministry as a pastor. I received my credentials from St. James Seminary in 2016.I am a gifted preacher and pastor. I have had extensive training and experience in counseling. Which means I know how to listen to people and I am absolutely trustworthy!My wife of 38 years and I are prayerful seek Gods guidance as I search out the right church to serve in the name of and for the sake of Jesus Christ!
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I am a Holy Spirit empowered minister and for 27 years, have fully and wholeheartedly served the ministries placed before me with longevity and commitment. I have broad experience regarding Pastoral leadership and Christian discipleship respectively. I am well qualified regarding the educational elements of leading a ministry. I have earned an M.A in Ministry, a B.A in Bible, 3 yr Diplomas in Practical Theology. I am also Ordained, and a recognized minister in other parts of the world. Our family is looking to return to Oklahoma, with a PentecostalFull GospelCharismaticApostolic ministry. Intercessory prayer is a lifestyle with a global vision. We have a mandate for equipping and building Gods people. If your a ministrychurch in OKLAHOMA seriously looking for committed quality leadership your welcome to PRAY about us.
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SMALLER INDEPENDENT First Congregational Church of Laurel is seeking a full-time Pastor. Send resume to Search Committee, co Reiter at 650 Longview Rd. Laurel, MT 59044 by 6118. For more information about our church, please visit
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Seasoned spirit-filled pastor seeking a small congregation in the Nashville or middle-Tennessee area. I am a conservative, Christ-centered, nondenominational preacher-teacher of God's Word, devoted to prayer and spirit-led living. Both my wife and I are also musicians and worship leaders. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the center of our lives, and His Gospel is the purpose for which we live! If interested, let's communicate and pray about the possibilities. Thanks and God bless you!
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An Expository Preacher looking for a congregation to lead for the furthering of the Kingdom of God and for the strengthening of the faith of the membership. I hold a Ph.D in International Relations and an honorary Doctor of Divinity. My ordination and D.Div. is through The World Christianship Ministries. I was raised a Baptist and my Dad was a graduate of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary with a Diploma in Sacred Music. The congregation I seek is one that has a longing for the whole word of God and one that believes in the inerrancy of Gods Word. I believe in Once Saved, Always Saved and immersion Baptism. I preach the whole Word of God and do not accept anything less. I am looking for a congregation in the Carolinas, Georgia or Northern Florida. For me, every congregation must be evangelistic with every member seeking to grow in the Word and always working to further the growth of the true church, The Bride of Christ. It was while looking for a church home that God spoke to me and said stop looking and start preaching. Salary and benefits are negotiable.
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Christ Way Church, a small non-denominational Bible church committed to loving people with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, located in Greensboro, NC, is looking for an experienced full-time pastor. The candidate should be born again, called to preach and teach God's Word from a pre-tribulation, pre-millennial evangelical perspective, and who has a proven record of church growth and outreach, leadership development and ministry to families. A theological degree from an accredited conservative evangelical seminary is preferred. CWC is an elder-led New Testament multi-cultural church with @ 50 in attendance, blended in worship with mix of contemporary and traditional music, a shut-in ministry and growing youth outreach, with a modern debt-free facility in a suburban neighborhood. Please email detailed resume and references along with video sermons, and a questionnaire will then be sent for further evaluation.
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The Apex First Baptist Church of Apex, N.C., organized in 1869, is seeking an ordained Baptist Pastor called by God to be the spiritual and administrative leader of the congregation who will preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The candidate must be committed to offering pastoral care through counselingvisitations, prayer, weekly bible study, officiating weddings, funerals, baptizing converts, and baby dedications. Qualifications: Minimum of five (5) years of pastoral experience in a Baptist Church. Minimum of a Bachelors Degree from a 4-year accredited college. Trained, licensed and ordained in the Baptist ministry. Personal character and family standing that is above reproach. A spiritually gifted preacher and bible-based teacher. Strong leadership, communication and administration skills. Ability to work with youth and encourage youth involvement. Must be willing to support and participate in Local, State and USA National Baptist Conventions. Must be committed to church growth and membership retention. Demonstrate financial awareness and responsibility. Proficient in the use of technology and computer literate. Interested and qualified persons should apply with hisher resume (include a daytime phone number) to AFBC via: E-mail: OR U.S. Mail: AFBC, Attn: PSC, PO Box 64, Apex, NC 27502. Closing Date: 6.17.18
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Theologically conservative minister available for new ministry opportunity. My preaching style is as a teaching preacher with an emphasis or spiritual maturation for believers, salvation for non-believers, and re-dedication for those who may have strayed. More specific information is available upon request, as well a photo. I have ministered in a variety of churches in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming, as well as Alaska, Hawaii, and Scotland. The size of a church is not an issue. I have ministered to churches from 15 - 200 in size. Thank you for your time and consideration. Richard and Robin Craven
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Crossroads Baptist Church is looking for a pastor for our newly built independent fundamental Church that preaches out of the KJV Bible, and is someone who has a heart for people and the community. We offer full wage and a loving close-knit congregation that's located in Western Pennsylvania.Call Ken Seivers: 724 679 8458
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I am prayerfully looking for a pastoral position in the Buffalo, NY greater metropolitan area. I am born and raised in Pittsburgh, where I currently live, but am moving to Buffalo in August. I am very Great Commission and outreach minded. I have experience as an Associate Pastor, a Youth Pastor, and as a Hospice Chaplain. I am a Bible believing evangelical Christian, and seek to live my life in close adherence to the teachings of Jesus for the glory of God. I believe that a church should seek to grow The CHURCH(greater body of Christ), not primarily seek to grow our church. Only when the growth, health, and well being of the Body of Christ are our first priority will the local church see growth. I would be happy to send you my resume and cover letter. Just send an email or give me a call. (412) 610-3289 Thank you! Pastor Stephen
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Our church is seeking an ordained minister to serve as our Senior Pastor to lead and guide us spiritually, preach Sunday and other worship services, teach and interpret the scripture, preside over weddings, baptisms, and funerals, provide pastoral care and counseling, assist with outreach into the community, build a childrens and youth program, and participate in local and state ministerial associations. The candidate must possess a Master of Divinity Degree from an accredited university and have several years experience serving as a Senior or Associate Pastor.We are a rural moderately conservative Congregational community church with 150 members in the MansfieldLucas area. To be considered for this position, send a cover letter and resume to Joan Berry Kalamas, Moderator, Little Washington Congregational Church, 2323 Washington South Road, Mansfield, Ohio 44903. EOE
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Seeking pastor to grow our church, ministry, and outreach in the community.St. Paul Congregational Church is a conservative and independent church located in the small, rural community Shattuck, Oklahoma. We are a small congregation, prayerfully seeking the Lords will as we search for a pastor. Our desire is to grow our church and to be an active and viable outreach for Christ in our small community. This pastorate is currently a bi-vocationalpart-time position.Candidate will be expected to preach weekly, reach out to the community, spend time in visitation, and disciple the members of our church body. If you feel the Lords calling, we ask that you send us a resume and philosophy of ministry to this email
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Ordained minister with multiple Denominational experience as pastor and pulpit supply. On December 31st, 2017 I terminated a Call to an Independent Lutheran Congregation of 100 members after 5 years of great ministry. Master of Divinity degree from an accredited Seminary and BS in Human Development from a Christian University. Air Force Retired, strong Bilingual (EnglishSpanish) communicator of Gods Word of grace and Salvation. Well prepared for Pastoral Care theology, education and practice while ministering in homeless shelters, addiction group homes, nursing and visiting hospitals and shut-ins, and in local congregations. Praying for Call to help congregation through short or long-term pulpit supply in need of Revitalization. I preach, teach, guide confess from the Inerrant Word of God. Very Flexible with compensation. May God Richly Bless You. Contact me at Email:
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Biblically sound and spiritually mature pastor waiting for the next step. Graduate of top four year university and three year seminary. Willing to go anywhere God leads. "If your Presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here". Exodus 33:15. For more information, contact me at
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Experienced Pastor who preaches the Word without apology. Who seeks to bring the lost to Christ and disciple them into mature believers. My wife and I are looking for a church to love and to pour out our lives in for the glory of Jesus Christ. I have a B.A. in Biblical Literature with a Master of Ministries Degree. I also have a M.A. in Counseling. Our desire is to see the church grow and prosper. We have experience working with youth and children. We are praying for God's direction and will. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of service.
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We are a small church in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan, roughly 3000-5000 population in the area. We're a small congregation that believe in a heart of worship and being led by the Spirit. We are a Bible believing group and believe the Word of God is true and still pertains to us in the here and now. We believe in the Holy Ghost and all the gifts of the Spirit. We do classify ourselves as non-denominational. Our salary is small, but we have a parsonage available to be lived in. We're seeking someone who has a heart for evangelizing and reaching out into the community. Position is available immediately! If you're interested, you can send your resume and any other inquiries via email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
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Independent, fundamental conservative Baptist church is seeking a pastor to fill its pulpit. Church is a small older congregation (30) of local believers located in Visalia, California. Resumes may be mailed to Visalia Calvary Baptist Church, P.O. Box 1248, Visalia, CA 93279, or can be emailed to
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Valley Hope Community Church is a small, but growing congregation in the rural central valley of California in search of a Senior Pastor. This last year God has blessed us, and our congregation has been increasing steadily. We have a strong dedicated congregation that is currently around 70 people. We are seeking a Senior Pastor who can lead us to the next step in our spiritual growth. Our desire is for a man who is led by the Holy Spirit and guided by the Bible. A Shepherd who loves God and loves His people. A pastor who will faithfully preach and teach Gods word and reach out to the community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We need a man who is an exceptional spiritual leader with administrative skills, and at least 20 years of experience in ministry (minimum of 5 years as a Senior Pastor). He will need to work collaboratively with the Elders, Deacons, and all ministries. The Senior Pastor must be guided by the principles outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9. The man that is chosen would need to be ordained by the Missionary Church.
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